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Led by its fifth-generation CEO, Richard Maloy, Jr., Maloy Risk Services has succeeded by leveraging its deep industry knowledge in four niche industries: Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Technology and Life Sciences.

We specialize in providing risk management and insurance placement services to clients in underserved, fast growing and profitable niche markets. Customers in these markets have highly individualized needs and often fall below the radar screen or revenue thresholds of larger national insurance brokerages and insurance agencies. Instead they find themselves served by smaller local agencies that lack the expertise and access to insurance carriers to provide appropriate coverage. Our sector expertise and the breadth and depth of our carrier relationships provide us with significant vadvantages in serving these markets.

We are the leader in workflow processing for commercial insurance transactions for our target markets through our technology development during the late 1990’s. Although that technology was sold in 2005, the internal benefits allow us to be much more efficient than our competitors and to provide a higher level of service to our clients.

We have an extensive network of partners that includes associations and referral relationships with industry specialized accountants, law firms, banks, prime brokerages and due diligence consultants.

Our management team has an average of 22 years experience in the insurance industry and our founders have been insurance agency owners and operators through five generations. Our sales force and management have deep experience in serving our target markets. Maloy Risk Services has offices in New York City, Princeton, NJ and Atlanta, Georgia